Prologue CyclocrossWe would like to start off by thanking everyone for their support of the event this year. This year, more than others, the support we have received means a great deal. Thank you.

Somehow we managed another race weekend with some great weather. One of these years, we will pay with some real cross weather, but we will take it when we can get it!

The mornings were cool and the afternoons warmed up into the mid-80s each day. Sunday ended up being a bit cooler than Saturday and both days had some light winds blowing across the park, keeping things a little cooler.

Saturday’s course was full of plenty of flow, some off-camber sections, and a variety of features to practice a wide range of skills. Two sets of barricades were out on course, the first was a small double set of garden timber, just a few inches high. It was just enough to force some bunny-hops from the racers but not high enough to really require anyone to dismount. The second set of barricades was much higher, only a couple of riders were able to jump these barricades, most chose to dismount and run through the double section of tall barricades.

New rules allow the promoters to decide on feeds, so both days had a feed-zone along the finishing straight for riders to grab a quick drink or get hosed down with a blast of water to cool off in the afternoon heat.

Shadd Smith, Micah Gordon, and Doug Stone took the top three spots, respectively on Saturday in the men’s 1/2/3 race.

The top three women, Karen Pritchard, Abbey O’Brien, and Lynn Wilson, all put in some great efforts to stay ahead of the rest of the women’s 1/2/3 field.

Cody Jones took the top spot in the single speed race followed up by Mark DeBoer and Wesley Boyce.

The men’s 4/5 field had a great turnout, with 43 riders competing. Brock sell won the race with Micheal Morriss, and Shawn Knight rounding out the podium.

The rest of the results are available at the following link:

Saturday Complete Results

Sunday’s course was basically the same with a few small changes. The barricades were moved, changing the approach from a straight shot on Saturday to a 180 degree, uphill turn into the barricades. The approach into the paved climb was also changed, with short switchbacks down the top of the hill to allow a few extra seconds of rest on the course and to force the riders to rely on their handling skills, instead of their speed, to get through the section.

The masters racers once again managed to get in their races before the day heated up. JP Brocket, Rick Moseley and Patrick Orrick took the masters 40-49 podium with John Jones winning the masters 50-59 and Doug Long taking the win in the masters 60-64. Richard Pearson took top honors in the 65+ masters race.

Karen Pritchard, Lynn Malir, and Rebecca Williams took the wins in their respective masters categories.

Karen Pritchard doubled up, taking the win in the women’s 1/2/3 race on Sunday as well.

Joseph Schmalz joined in the fun on Sunday, taking the win after putting in a huge attack on the paved climb, passing the other contenders and holding onto the lead for the rest of the race. Micah Gordon, Garrick Valverde, Doug Stone, Shadd Smith, and Britton Kusiak all chased hard but two days of racing had taken its toll and none could close the gap down to the Schmalz. Micah Gordon managed 2nd place and Garrick Valverde came in 3rd.

Complete Sunday Results

Event Photos

We have a lot of great race photos available from a few different photographers. Many of our photos are on the Prologue Cross FB Page.

Roger Harrison was out taking great photos both days. You can check out his photos on the Lanterne Rouge flickr Page.

Jesse Miguel also has some great photos over on his flickr page as well.