This weekend was the Missouri State Time Trial. The event was held on a new course this year; located in Centralia, Missouri the course was out-and-back but had several direction changes making it a tough course with the winds that picked-up as the day went on. Many riders made the return trip in cross and cross-headwinds which made dosing their effort even more important. Riders liked the new course and times were fast despite the winds and some elevation change, especially on the longer course.

The fastest time of the day was put in by Justin Maciekowicz of Korte Hammer Down Racing. He  rode a blistering average pace of 28.8 mph to come across the line in 51 minutes and 43 seconds. The 2nd place finisher in the 1/2 field, Cameron Rex, came in a full 1 minute and 51 seconds behind Justin.

The Merckx division was won by William Gillanders with an impressive, non-aero equipment time of 1 hour 3 minutes and 10 seconds. The women’s 1/2 title was taken by Elizabeth Heller of  708 RACING with a time of 1:03:57.


MO State TT Results






Photo: Roger Harrison