Is This the Luckiest Cyclist in the World?

This video of a Russian cyclist nearly losing his life is astonishing. At first look it seems that there couldn’t possibly be any way he could walk away from something like this, but upon further inspection it appears that he made it out relatively unscathed.

If you watch closely, after impact the car swerves around to the right of the cyclist while the separated bumper skids past him on his left, both of which somehow completely miss taking the rider out. The truck, which could have easily run over him, more or less sideswipes him. Even the rear of the truck which gets some air somehow avoids landing on, and crushing the rider. After a few seconds of reflection and probably the Russian equivalent of , “WTF just happened?”, running through his head,  he even runs to help the driver of the truck.

It doesn’t get much closer than this.