Velo Bling Designs is a Colorado based company founded by Ed Dunne. Ed uses recycled and new bicycle parts, sourced from Denver and Boulder area bike shops, to create various works of art. His designs range from jewelry and ornaments, to clocks and home decor.

Velo Bling Bicycle ClockEd creates items that are both functional and beautiful. Some of his most complex creations include unique desk and wall clocks built out of various bike parts such as cassettes, chains, and even freehubs. The items, obviously, are all handmade in the USA. Also, in an effort to do their part for the environment,  eco-friendly degreasers and cleaners are used when cleaning the recycled parts.

Velo Bling Designs was at this year’s Interbike so I was able to pick up my own key chain/bottle opener. It has come in extremely handy and has seen a lot of use after our local group rides.

My wife and I are always looking for cycling related accessories and home decor but we have found that they can be surprisingly hard to come by. Many of Velo Bling’s items make great gifts so if you are always on the lookout for cycling related accessories, Velo Bling is for you.[clear]

Want to add a little flair and style to your next get together? Velo Bling’s wine accessories are sure to start a conversation. Maybe you want to show off your cycling passion at your next formal event. Their chain link cufflinks and tie tacks could be the very thing you have been looking for. VeloBling Bicycle Cufflinks

Whether you are looking for a little something extra to express your cycling passion, or trying to find the perfect gift for the cycling fanatic in your life, Velo Bling Designs offers unique cycling themed jewelry, gifts and decor that are sure to be a hit.