In the interim between cyclocross and the road season, plenty remains to do to keep you on two wheels. The first round of the Street Cred KC 2013 series will be held this Saturday, February 2nd, at Volker Bicycles on 18th and Wyandotte in Kansas City, MO. This is a scavenger hunt-style alley cat race. Riders have 2 hours to make it to the finish line.  This is a free race to enter, and free beer at the end. The race ends at Grinders Pizza. Race weather is looking to be rather mild for this time of year. Riders may use any style of bike they choose.

Specific rules and bonus point opportunities will be announced at the start of the race. Riders will need a pen/pencil to record info.  All types of bikes are welcome. Helmets are strongly encouraged, but you’re an adult, so whatever.

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