We want to encourage as many category 3 racers to double up and jump into the 1/2/3 races this weekend. In order to encourage and reward those who are racing in the 1/2/3 fields, we have added a category 3 bonus to both the women’s and men’s 1/2/3 fields.

Prologue Cyclocross PayoutHopefully, this gives incentive for category 4 women to upgrade into the 3 categories when they are able and encourage the category 3 men to jump into the 1/2/3 races. We have scheduled the men’s 1/2/3 race to run after the men’s 3/4 race so that you can focus on your KBCXR race and still participate in the elite race later.

The bonus will be awarded to the top 3 category finishers in the 1/2/3 races regardless of their overall finish position.