Sunday’s cyclo-cross race ended an extremely active cyclo-cross season for the Kansas City area. With a full race schedule and growing interest in the sport, most weekends saw a race in or near Kansas City. Around 70 riders made it out to Leawood, KS for the second race in the Wintery Mix series. While temps were unseasonably warm, extreme winds buffeted riders as they fought their way around the course. Sustained winds of 30+ swept across the region on Sunday while gusts of 40-50mph made standing, much less riding, very difficult. Recent rains left areas of the course wetter and muddier than some of the other events held at the same venue this season.

With the ‘cross season officially over now, the KC area is less than two weeks away from the official start of the road season. The weekend of February 23rd brings the start of the Spring Fling Series as well as Froze Toes in Columbia, MO.


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Photo Credit: Roger Harrison