Ever been riding along a section of road and thought of some way it could be improved to make it safer or more accessible for cyclists to use? Well, this is your chance to take charge and let MODOT know where they need to make improvements for cyclists and pedestrians.

From the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation:

new transportation funding plan is proposed for Missouri. For the first time ever, Missouri will be able to spend state transportation dollars on transportation–including biking, walking, transit, and rail, as well as roads and bridges.

So . . . what walking, bicycling, or trail projects would you like built? What barriers to safe walking and bicycling would you like to see addressed?

This is your call to action. Join in building a path to a safe and modern transportation system in Missouri by sharing your insight. What would you like to see included in Missouri’s transportation future? We hope you will be a part of the process and ask your friends to do the same.

MoDOT has asked individuals and groups from across Missouri to suggest their priority transportation needs to MoDOT’s Missouri On The Move planning process.

So we are collecting your suggestions for the most important bicycle and pedestrian needs from around Missouri. We will submit the full list of your submitted bicycle and pedestrian needs and project ideas to MoDOT’s Missouri On The Move staff. Submitting a project here is just the same as submitting a transportation need via MoDOT’s website.

But in addition, we will select the very best, very most needed bicycle and pedestrian projects from across Missouri to be on the Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation’s own High Priority Bike/Ped Project List.  This allows us to emphasize these projects, track them, and make sure they get done.

  • You can submit any bicycle, pedestrian, sidewalk, or trails-related project
  • Where are shoulders, bike lanes, sidewalks, crosswalks, river crossings, trails, etc. needed?
  • You can submit a “need” rather than a project, ie, “Bicyclists need a way to safely ride through XX intersection”
  • Think about barriers: Where would you like to go on foot or by bicycle, but you just can’t right now?
  • You can submit projects on or off the MoDOT road and highway system–projects anywhere in Missouri are eligible for this new funding, and a portion of the proposed funding goes to cities and counties

To set expectations: We have no guarantee that any project submitted here will be built.  Even the projects that are built may be years in the works.  But we can start by documenting the need–and the need for better, safer bicycling, walking, running, and trails facilities across Missouri is very great.

Every project you submit helps us document that need.

Submit HERE by 4pm today.





Photo Credit: Cromagnom via Wikimedia Commons