-Solidly Built
-Great Warranty
-Realistic Ride
-Easy to setup
-Stable (heft and footprint make this very stable)

-Heavy (If you are looking for something lightweight)

For our first review here at Prologue Cycling Mag we decided to pick a piece of equipment we have been using for years, the Kurt Kinetic Fluid Trainer.

Here is what the good people at Kurt Kinetic have to say:

It’s the perfect workout partner for sprints to intervals to all-day cruising. Quiet. Smooth. And like every Kinetic Trainer, 100% leak-proof. The power calibration gives you true outdoor simulation. The automatic resistance adjusts as you change speeds. Realism as only Kinetic can deliver it.

We have been using a previous version of their Road Machine for about 5 seasons now and we can honestly say that we can’t find any fault with this statement from the company. Lets hit these claims one at a time.

Quiet and Smooth

When compared to other trainer types we have either used, this fluid trainer is noticeably more quiet than others. This comes in especially handy since most of the hours we spend on the trainer are at home while other family members are sleeping, reading, or studying. The unit runs as smooth today as it was when it was bought. We have no complaints here. The spin up is very smooth and relatively realistic considering you are locked in a static position inside. We don’t believe anything compares to riding outdoors but compared to the feel of wind-trainers we have used in the past, this far exceeds their ability for a realistic road feel.

100% Leak Proof

Having put tens of thousands of miles on our trainer over the years and hauling it to races and on vacation this claim really holds water (or should we say oil). We have never had an issue with leaks from this unit. The resistance unit is solidly built and the design features make leaks almost impossible.


We truly believe that companies should stand behind their products. There are too many companies that put out products they know are not going to last (cell phones and electronics anyone?). They add insult-to-injury by charging extra if you want to be warranted  against any issues that arise.

We believe that this company has one of the best warranties we have come across. Their Warranty Statement says it all:

“We stand behind our products like no one else in the industry
Kinetic by Kurt is proud to offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY.

• Covers ALL parts on both the resistance unit and the frame.
• Is applicable for normal wear and tear OR manufacturers defects.
• Covers the original owner of a Kinetic trainer for a LIFETIME.

“Most of our competitors fill their Lifetime Warranties with legal jargon that makes the definition “Lifetime” meaningless, using disclaimers like “does not apply to parts that have been worn out through normal use”. We unconditionally guarantee to the original owner, a lifetime of parts on the frame AND the resistance unit. At Kinetic we are so proud of our superior products that we don’t need legal jargon or fine print. That means you will be happy that you bought Kinetic products.”

We have had one issue with the trainer. After a few years of use, the resistance unit suddenly started jamming up. After a quick call to the company we were told that it is possible for some of the internal magnets to become dislodged and cause issues. True to their word, they immediately sent me out a new unit which was received in just a couple of days; they also provided prepaid return materials. The warranty process was quick and easy.

Overall, we love this trainer. It is relatively quiet, smooth to operate, and provides many years of use. This trainer excels as interval work and temp miles. We can even work on sprint intervals thanks to the heavy flywheel and the hefty weight of the machine. We would not hesitate to recommend the newer model of our road machine to anyone. Online pricing is currently in the mid 300 range; this may seem a little high for a trainer, it more than pays off in the long-run with great quality and customer service.

For more information visit the product website.