Revant Optics has been in the eyewear market for about nine years. Our first introduction to Revant was in 2014; we had a chance to test out their replacement lenses, which, at the time, was their focus. You can take a look at the Elite HC3 lenses Review to see what we thought of the lenses. More recently, Revant entered the complete eyewear sphere with a line of three performance sunglasses.

Revant S1L

Thanks to Revant we were able to get our hands on a test pair of their ultralight S1L frames. The glasses combine sleek angles and curves to provide a sexy frame that you will enjoy being seen in. Weight weenies will appreciate the minimalist frame, which knocks an extra 5 grams off the weight of the glasses, bringing these down to a mere 25 grams. The lightweight frames lend to the comfort of the S1L, helping these all but disappear when you are wearing them.

The function and performance of the S1L are great for long rides or race-day wear, but the sleek styling and minimalist design of these frames allow them to function equally as well as your everyday casual eyewear. The frames come with polarized lenses, which I have come to prefer as polarized lenses help reduce eye fatigue over the course of a sunny day, especially on a long ride. The S1L vents well with the heightened nose bridge, and I haven’t encountered any ventilation problems.


The MaxGrip material used to construct the nose bridge and temple sleeves provides a non-slip grip without extra pressure on the temple to hold the frames in place. The material feels good against the skin and grips exceptionally well. I tested the non-slip grip claim by wearing these in the shower, with water flowing over my head. Despite my attempts to dislodge the glasses, they only slipped with vigorous head-shaking, far beyond what you should experience under normal conditions. I was very impressed with their ability to grip with the water flowing.


One of their frames’ major selling points is their modular design. If you break or damage the frames or lenses, instead of replacing the entire set of sunglasses, you can easily find replacement parts through Revant, saving you money.


At $155, the price is in line with many other major brands, such as Oakley, Rudy Project, etc., but does lean towards the lower end of some of those product lines in terms of price.

Additional Eyewear Options

Revant F1L $155

The Revant F1L was designed to provide the wearer with a frame and lens combination that provides total protection, blocking out peripheral light to help enhance the visual experience and provide all-day comfort for the eyes. The F1L also offers more comprehensive coverage to provide added protection, and they “meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards for high mass and high-velocity impact protection”.  My experience with the S1L has been so positive that I am looking to provide the guys on my lawn care crews with the F1L for their added protection.

Revant S2L $175

The Revant S2L has many of the same features as the S1L, offering a wider field of view. The S2L has a more traditional “sports” design than the other two models. Designed not to interfere with headwear, they work well with cycling helmets.

Max Care Guarantee

It is very comforting when companies stand behind their products with excellent customer service and product guarantees. Revant’s Max Care Guarantee provides a risk-free 60-day trial. Return them within 60 days for a full refund if you are unhappy with them. Their frames and rubber pieces all carry a warranty for an entire year; Revant’s lenses have a lifetime guarantee. You can check out all of the warranty information on their site. Throw in free shipping and returns, and you don’t have any excuses not to give them a trial run.


I have really come to love the S1L. They have become my go-to eyewear for everyday casual wear. The look, feel, optics, and performance are all spot-on. Their 3 frame options offer something for work, play, and everyday.

In fact, I plan on purchasing both of their additional frame options as well for dedicated work and riding use. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Revant as they continue to grow and innovate.