This weekend brought another cold spell and the finale of the 5 race  Spring Fling Criterium Series. Who knew that the first weekend of spring would be 20 degrees cooler than the February 22nd season opener.

Numbers were down from previous weeks. This was probably due to a combination of the cold and the fact that many riders had safely secured their series positions, or those that were not in overall contention didn’t feel the need to make the trip out on Saturday.

Spring Fling Women's Race

The women on course at the final Spring Fling of the season.

The riders that decided not to let the cold end their race-day before it began had a great time. The skies were clear and the sun was out so once the races commenced, the cold was only a minor factor. As expected, with smaller fields and colder weather, some riders stated that it felt like the pace of some of the races were down and there were fewer attempts to attack get away than there had been in other races in the series.

Overall series results will be available soon.

Spring Fling Results

Spring Fling Photos



Photos: Roger Harrison