This year’s 360 Cup, presented by 360 Racing, was held in Lawrence, Kansas, and served as the 2015 Kansas State Cyclocross Championships. Full results can be found on the USA Cycling Website.

Held at Centennial Park, the flowing championship course was long, just a bit under 2 miles in length. The course was fast; riders navigated long stretches of the open course, a couple of paved sections, and two sets of barriers and tackled some mild climbing. A strong south wind increased as the races progressed, bringing in some clouds later in the day that actually brought temperatures down a bit from when the sun was out. The terrain was mostly smooth, with a few bumps and stones along the way that riders had to navigate around.

Another great turnout of junior racers shows healthy youth participation in the sport from around the area. Race photos will be up on Roger Harrison’s Flickr page.

Here is a video from Prologue Racing’s own Mark DeBoer in the Category 3 race as he raced his way to second place:

According to our cursory look at the results, here is a preliminary list of 2015 Kansas State Cyclocross Category Champions. When official winners are posted, we will update the list with any necessary corrections and with age-group winners. If you notice a needed correction, please let us know.

Men Cat 1 Steve Tilford
Men Cat 2 Garrick Valverde
Men Cat 3 Nicholas Comiskey
Men Cat 4 Cody Jones
Men Cat 5 Danny Roos

Women Cat 2 Katherine Strempke
Women Cat 3 Amy Borkowski
Women Cat 4 Erin Shaffer

Photo via Roger Harrison