Kansas State Championship Road Race

Kansas residents have to opportunities to compete for Kansas State Championship titles. The Pittsburg Kansas area is hosting a full weekend of championship events. On Saturday, The Kansas State Road Race Age Group Championship will be held in Alma, Kansas. The course is a 13 mile loop with each age group completing a varying number of circuits. A climb about 3/4 of a mile from the finish will make the race tough and provide a jumping off point for a good break or a solo victory if riders play their cards right.

Kansas State Championship Criterium

On Sunday, riders will also be competing for State Championship titles at the Kansas State Category Criterium Championship. The race takes place on the campus of Pittsburg State University and consists of one small hill, a tight back stretch and one sharp left-hand turn.

Both events have category races in addition to the championship races so out of state riders can compete. Pre-registration ends tonight.


Photo via Roger Harrison