Despite the second massive snowstorm in as many weeks, Kansas racing has once again taken place as scheduled. Today’s Spring Fling was well attended.  With just under 200 race entries across the categories, the cold weather has barely made a dent in the start of the area’s road season. Temperatures hovered in the 30s for most of the day as riders contested the points races throughout the day.

2/3 Men

1 16 Brian West
2 4 Ben Stover
3 17 Joseph Fox

3/4 Men

1 313 Garrick Valverde
2 Connor Brown
3 Thomas Hall

3/4 Women

1 Erin Shaffer
2 Rochelle Schleicher
3 Lynn Wilson

4 Women

1 Erin Shaffer
2 Rochelle Schleicher
3 Ann Michael

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Tomorrow brings the first of the Perry Road Race Series for more exciting Kansas racing action. Temperatures are forecasted to be about 13 degrees warmer than today’s racers experienced. Volunteers were out sweeping the course to make sure it was ready for the fast racing action on Sunday.





Photo Credit: Roger Harrison