The 2013 Eureka Springs Fat Tire Festival was recently held in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Fat Tire Festival, which began as just a single day competition, has grown into a three day event with multiple competitive and non-competitive events taking place on each day of the festival. The promoters are also offering more activities for children and the general public including a mini-free ride park for kids and after-parties on each of the three days of the event. We caught up with one of the event’s organizers, David Renko, to get his thoughts on this year’s event.
What are your thoughts on this year’s event?
“It was a huge success. Good weather, and good spirits prevailed. The inaugural Super D was very popular and the new stage race formats pleased many cyclists.”
What stands out about the event?
“Bryan Fawley returned from Texas to take a 5th Super Fatty Omni Championship, Winning the CAT I XC, Super D, and STXC competitions and taking 2nd in the CAT I DH. He also won the Cat III trials competition..”
How has the event grown and changed since the first year?
“The event has grown from a single day competition to a three-day event with multiple events, both competitive and non-competitive. In most recent years we have focussed on providing more children’s opportunities and more spectator and general public options.”
Has the local community embraced the event?
“Yes. We are a very well loved event that receives very little scrutiny. Many of our key sponsors are Eureka businesses. As well the public administrations and general citizenry are all very open armed and actively support our efforts with epic volunteerism.”
Any changes or additions to next year’s event?
“The continued development of our kids rodeo, our stage race format and probably a new venue for the short track event (probably Lake Leatherwood). No telling what else may develop.”
What are you long-term goals/plans for this event?
“Continue to provide the best of grass roots racing in the central US and be a stimulus for trail development and cycling advocacy in our region.”


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