For those of you out there who, when reflecting on your current ride say to yourselves, “I wish I could spend even more money on a bicycle”, Cipollini bikes has designed a bicycle that is just for you. Fittingly, Cipollini chose to launch the RB1K Luxury Edition at Like Bike in Monte Carlo.

The bike is, of course, outfitted with the latest technology such as electronic shifting but that isn’t really what this luxury bike is all about. As they say, the devil is in the details and it is those small details that put the lux in this luxury bike.

The bike contains 40 grams of 18 carat gold as well as 122 grams of platinum in the head tube and down tube. Of course, what would a luxury bike be without almost 21 carats of black and white diamonds. What is one of these bikes going to cost you? Just $54,000, you know, the equivalent cost of a small home.

We recommend  using this as your go-to crit bike. You can view a short video of the bike on Vimeo.