If today’s race was anything, it was cold. In fact Boxing Day Cyclocross was the coldest race in the Kansas City area to date. There was even some snow on the ground left from a recent snowstorm that covered the region in a blanket of white, just barely giving locals a taste of a white Christmas. The sun was out but provided little respite from the cold. As one rider commented, “It was my coldest day on the bike”. Fields where relatively small; many riders who wanted to race had to work and the cold weather scared some racers away.

The start/finish was a pavement straight-away. Once the racers left the pavement, they faced a frozen landscape with some patches of snow that hadn’t yet melted. The course was dry save for a few spots that had thawed out forcing riders to navigate a couple of slick, muddy sections. This was not a technical course; it was mostly wide-open and very flat. The most technical section riders had to deal with was a dry creek crossing that had thawed slightly, causing some mud to accumulate giving some riders trouble with footing.

Some of the podiums are listed below. Or you can check out the Full Results.

Cat 1/2 Podium

1  Andrew Coe, Ethos Racing
2  Shadd Smith, KCCX/FUJI
3  Bill Marshall, KCCX/FUJI

Women’s 1/2/3 Podium

1  Alyssa Severn, My Wife Inc
2  Karen Brocket, Ethos Racing
3  Stephanie Lamb, Bike America Racing

Men’s 3 Podium

1   Aaron Sims, Cycle City Racing
2  Rocky Remy, Midwest Velo
3  Jeff Baker, Team Sho-Air KC




Photo Credit: Roger Harrison