If there is one guarantee each year at the Bazaar Road Race, it seems to be that there will be insanely high winds. Once again winds roared across the open landscape as the riders raced through the Kansas countryside. Storms threatened to move into the area but they held off and participants avoided the wet weather that had been forecasted. Most of the riders made the choice to use their shallow rims due to the high winds.

When riders took to the course, south winds were blowing strong; sustained wind speeds of 30mph+ and gusts of 45mph slammed the riders in the face as they headed towards the first of two turnarounds on the course. Once the riders made the turn back north there was some much-needed respite as they took advantage of the strong tailwinds which helped them sail past the start/finish as they headed to the second turn-around. When the racers reached the north turn-around point they once again turned south into the winds as they made their way to the finish line. With about 12 miles to go in the race, some riders noted that the winds actually subsided a bit to provide just a little relief as riders ramped of for the finish.




Photo Credit: Doreen Smith Hawkins

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