With more cyclists using their smartphones and GPS units to track ride data, one piece of the equation has been missing for many riders, cadence.

Wahoo Fitness has made a big splash in the past couple of years with their various training products. They recently added a new addition to their line of products, the Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor. The sensor provides an easy and affordable option to include cadence into your data.

The device is easy to use and a breeze to setup. The sensor has a very low profile and weighs next to nothing, even weight weenies will be pleased.

Most importantly, the Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor is extremely versatile, and that is what we liked most about the device. We attached it to the bike using the 3M tape and it has held fast through several months of riding. Additionally, the cadence sensor can be attached to the bike using the included zip tie mount. Want to use the cadence sensor on different bikes or at the gym? You can also attach the sensor to your shoe using the shoe clip.

The sensor is both ANT+ and BLE compatible allowing for a wireless connection to both smartphones and GPS devices. The device works well with their proprietary Wahoo Fitness app but it will also work with over 110 different training apps, so no matter what you use, you will most likely be able to pair the device with your chosen training app.

A feature we really appreciated was the LED connection confirmation. It was easy to tell if the device was connected and working via the two LED signals. The sensor displayed a blue light upon device connection and a red light once cadence was detected.

The sensor comes with a CR 2032 Battery which is already installed. The unit allows for easy  replacement when the battery runs low. The cadence sensor works with the iPhone and many Android phones as well as iPod and iPad devices. The sensor costs  $49.99.

The Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor is a great option for riders whose devices track speed, but not cadence. However, riders looking for both  are still covered, Wahoo Fitness also has a speed+cadence sensor available.

We will be giving away a Wahoo Fitness RPM sensor to one of our lucky readers as a part of our upcoming holiday giveaway so check back soon for your chance to win.