Some of you may have already noticed that has a new look!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website. We have given the site a fresh makeover with a sleek new look and plenty of great features! A big thanks goes out to the crew at Studio 7 for revamping the website.

Prologue Cycling still offers the same great features as before; our Cycling Calendar includes competitive and non-competitive events from around the region. One of our newest features that is growing is our Group Ride Directory. Using the map, you can quickly and easily find group rides based on location. You can also submit your group rides for free so that others can join you on your rides. Our gallery contains pictures from various events throughout the Midwest.

Featured Articles Carousel

Our homepage makes it quick and easy for you to find cycling news and information. You will now notice our featured articles at the top of the page. This unique carousel displays articles and information we feel are important, interesting, or simply trending as the most popular articles on the site.

Cycling News Articles

Important articles are placed right at the top of the page

Streamlined Navigation

Our navigation menu makes it easy to navigate through the site. You can easily navigate our pages containing news, reviews, tech articles, and more.

Recent News Slider

A few of our most recent articles are always visible in the slider immediately below the navigation menu.

Live Filter

Find topics faster!

All of the latest articles are displayed on the page below the slider. If you want to filter the articles by topic, you can now take advantage of our homepage’s LIVE FILTER. Simply click on the filter button and you can choose what type of news you see instantly on your screen. You can still use the navbar news options at the top to take you directly to each page but the live filter is very fast, no loading, no waiting!

Prologue Cycling News Filter

The Live Filter allows you to quickly access any cycling news topic.


The sidebar contains an upcoming events list, newsletter and rss feed sign-up forms. We will continue to add even more great features as we continue to develop