Missourians have a few very important bicycle-related advocacy issues coming up, issues involving billions of dollars in spending that could dramatically change the landscape for bicycling and walking in Missouri over the next decade. So we’d like YOUR input on a Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Survey.  What do you think about these key issues?

Here is your chance to have your voice heard on bicycle and pedestrian issues in the state. The following survey covers just three issues and takes only a minute to complete. Billions of dollars are at stake. Your opinion counts for a lot.

You can take the survey HERE.

Here is some background information:

COMPLETE STREETS: Complete Streets policies require road designers to consider the needs of people who walk, bicycle, use transit, people who are old and young, people who are able and disabled, alongside the needs of motorists whenever roads and streets are designed.  Read more: What are Complete Streets?

FAIR SHARE FOR BIKING AND WALKING: Transportation funding is in a crisis nationally and statewide.  Congress, MoDOT, and cities are making proposals for transportation funding. Many existing funding sources–such as MoDOT’s current statewide funding–are restricted to motor vehicle transportation only.  Do you support including a fair share for biking and walking in any local, state, or national transportation funding proposal?

MISSOURI TRANSPORTATION SALES TAX PROPOSAL: Statewide transportation supporters in Missouri are proposing a 1 cent sales tax for transportation on the November 2014 ballot. This is the proposed solution to MoDOT’s huge transportation funding shortfall–brought about because the Missouri gas tax hasn’t been raised since the early 1990s–and is the first funding proposal in Missouri history to incorporate walking, biking, transit, and other transportation options for funding alongside motor vehicle transportation. Of the proposed $8 billion dollars taxed, $1 billion is set aside to rebuild and expand highway I-70 between Wentzville and Independence and $1 billion is set aside for MoDOT operations. The remaining $6 billion will be distributed by region and spent on local priorities.  Read more



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