Foggy Start to Lost Trail Cyclocross

Foggy conditions met the riders at race time.

Sunday’s Lost Trail Cyclocross race was a great success. Held at the Louisburg Cider Mill, the venue offered spectators great views of the racing action. Cider, food, and a fire pit were available for racers and spectators who wished to eat, drink, and warm themselves.

Temperatures were hovering around 40 degrees and while it didn’t rain on the riders, conditions were foggy and wet.  The venue offered a wide variety of terrain including grass, gravel, and mud. The portions of the course that were muddy and the wet grass made for some slick sections. Riders had to traverse these precarious parts of the course with caution.

The course was set up with a nice mix of flat, technical and hilly sections. There were a couple of flat straightaways where riders could gain some speed. Three short but steep climbs and a few technical sections complete with a set of log barriers required riders to utilize their bike-handling skills; those with the best technique excelled in these areas of the course.

The men’s 1/2 field had a small turnout but the  men’s 3, 4, and  masters fields saw better numbers.






Photo Credit: Roger Harrison