It was cloudy, raining, windy, cold, and even sleeting at times but that didn’t stop 76 riders from taking part in the 2nd Perry Road Race yesterday. The riders did however receive a slight reprieve, the races were shortened due to the nasty conditions that were more appropriate for cyclo-cross season.

The strong winds were one of the major deciding factors in most of the races. Each time the riders traversed the dam and then back across the access road they were met by fierce, unabated crosswinds. Several races, which held together on the hill, were split in the sections unprotected from the strong winds. Wet roads made some of the corners a little treacherous and caused some riders to suffer from flats as well.

The 3rd and final race in this year’s Perry Road Race series will be held on Sunday, March 17th.

Men’s 1/2/3

1 Brian Jensen
2 Michael Smith
3 Brian West

Men’s 3

1 Austin Elser
2 Garrick Valverde
3 Kenneth Englert

Master’s 50+

1 Stephen Songer
2 Lyle Reynolds
3 Dennis Weinbeck


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Photo Credit: Roger Harrison