Shari Hahn of the Kansas Cycling Association announced today that KCA is accepting nominations for  for Directors to serve a two year term in 2013-2014. There are seven members currently serving on the board: Allison Adams, Art Berger, David Romisch, David Wamsley, Jeff Lively, Kyle Rainey,  Sherri Hahn, and Steve Songer. Two members, Allison and Jeff, will not be seeking re-election.

Elections will be held in December 2012. Newly elected Directors will be announced at the KCA Banquet on January 18th while their terms will commence January 1st of 2013.  Please refer to the KCA Bylaws, which include the following provision as to Directors requirements:

“Directors shall be individuals that are in good standing with USAC, hold a current
USAC license (e.g., rider, official, coach or mechanic), and reside in Kansas or a
county in Missouri bordering Kansas.”
The Bylaws are a good source of information regarding the Board’s activities and the duties of the Board officer and coordinator positions. If you would like to nominate someone for a position please contact KCA President, Sherri Hahn (