Bushnell’s PowerSync technologies were on display at Interbike 2013 in Las Vegas this month. Bushnell has four different systems that utilize the PowerSync technology: Battery Bar, SolarWrap, SolarBook, and Power Charger. Each of these systems has their own unique set of features but all of them serve as backup power sources which can be used to recharge portable electronic devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, and cameras.

Battery Bar

The most basic device from Bushnell is the Battery Bar. This device is simple to use and offers users a backup power source for electronic gadgets. Charging the Battery Bar is as simple as plugging the micro USB cable that comes with the device into a wall outlet. After 4 hours of charge time (6 hours for the 2x) the Battery Bar is fully charged and ready to power or recharge your device.

Battery Bar

The Battery Bar is simple and compact.

The Battery Bar has a power indicator on one end showing how much juice is still in storage for use. Bushnell offers two different versions of the Batter Bar, the  1x and 2x. The 2x will charge two devices at once and holds about twice the charge as the 1x, allowing you to approximately double your charges per device in most cases. The 2x also carries enough juice to charge a tablet up to 50% capacity.


The SolarWrap system takes portable charging to the next level and offers outdoor enthusiasts two charging options, pre-charging from home and solar charging capability on the go. Like the Battery Bar, the SolarWrap systems can be pre-charged at home by plugging it into a wall outlet. This pre-charges the unit which is a very handy feature and allows immediate access to a power source when needed.

The SolarWrap systems are also outfitted with solar panels which can be deployed when additional charging is necessary.  The solar panels simply unwrap from around the device and are easily deployed to take advantage of this feature.

While all of the SolarWrap systems are very portable the SolarWrap Mini is especially easy to tote around and is small enough it can easily fit into a pocket or backpack.

SolarWrap Mini

The SolarWrap comes in several configurations with the SolarWrap Mini offering the smallest, most compact unit and the 250 and 400 units increasing in power and size. The SolarWrap units can be charged to full capacity via a wall outlet in 4 hours for the two smaller units and 6 hours for the larger SolarWrap 400.  When using the solar panels, the units can be fully charged in 4, 3.5, and 6 hours respectively. Each of the Solar Wrap units will charge one device at a time.

When not in use, the solar panels, which are on a flexible and very durable surface, simple roll up around the device. The 250 and 400 both come with a hard case that protects the device and the solar panels.


For those whose charging needs exceed the capabilities of the Battery Bar and SolarWrap systems, Bushnell offers the SolarBook. Available in two configurations, the 600 and 850, the SolarBook offers multiple device charging, high capacity batteries, and a hard-shell protective case.

SolarBook Phone Charger

The SolarBook can charge two devices at once and offers more charges per device.

The SolarBook is contained within a hard plastic shell that protects the unit and can also provide room to store your device while it is charging and protect it from the elements.

Power Charger

The Power Charger offers users the most capacity but lacks the solar charging capabilities. Charge time via a wall outlet is 8 hours. Once fully charged, the Power Charger offers the most recharges per device with 3 full charges for smart phones and a full charge for a tablet.

Power Charger

The Power Charger offers the highest number of device recharges per charge.

Each of Bushnell’s PowerSync products use high capacity  Li Ion rechargeable batteries which, according to the reps at Interbike, will hold a charge for at least a month so you can easily pre-charge the system and grab it when you are running out the door the next time you need it. Pre-charge it once and you won’t have to worry about heading out without a backup battery system for your devices for the next 30 days.

The solar cells are able to charge the devices even if full sunlight is not available so on partly cloudy days or for those who will be heading out on wooded trails, the solar cells will still provide a charge. The panels are extremely durable, enough so that they had them on the floor at Interbike with people walking all over them. However, if a portion of the panel is damaged, the remaining cells will continue to recharge the device.

While it would be possible to carry device-specific spare batteries with you such as a spare phone battery, the PowerSync devices work with most personal electronic devices out there which offers users the ability to carry one spare for all their charging needs. With so many riders carrying phones, GPS units, and cameras with them these days it is nice to be able to use one device to charge everything you bring with you.