Win/Win. Two major forces in cycling just created a strategic partnership to help cyclists. I found a PI attorney here who reportedly said that USA Cycling (the governing body for the sport of cycling in the US), and Bike Law (A nationwide network of independent lawyers who cycle and engage in cycling advocacy) just came into a collaboration to promote safety, education, awareness, and legal reform to benefit you, the cyclist.

Bike Law was founded in 1998 and now has representatives in 22 states and Canada, and is still growing. Its group of highly trained, and long practicing, lawyers dedicate themselves to assisting cyclists who have been injured in cycling related collisions and other cycling/legal situations. You can visit Flagler Personal Injury Group to understand the lawyers working for Bike Law. Too often the rights of cyclists have been ignored by police, prosecutors, insurance companies, and the motoring public. Some attorneys for motorcycle injuries in Miami, FL take care of this aspect in the most professional manner. Bike Law aims to tip the scales and to get justice for our clients and promote the sport we all love.

How does this partnership help you? If you are a member of USA Cycling, you get these benefits through Bike Law:

1. Priority initial consultation on bike issues on a 24 hour basis at no charge.
2. Reduced fees on bike/car collision injury cases.
3. Ongoing consultation for clubs or organizations at no charge.
4. Speaking engagements at no charge on bike/legal issues.

For more information contact Vance Preman 816 678 9599,, Bike Law Missouri and Kansas(Facebook), or Bike Law national number 844-531-7530.