The final edition of the 2013 Spring Fling saw some of the best racing weather we have had so far this season. The race direction was reversed and the riders competed on the short course on Saturday. Mild winds also meant some blazing fast speeds. The 4/5 race  had an average speed of 25.6 mph! Other races saw similar averages and many racers were commenting on how toasted their legs were after the race due to the high speeds and a plethora of attacks.

Riders were competing for the overall series title in each category. Racers had one last chance to score points in the overall series. They were allowed one drop in the series, taking their best 4 out of 5 races. April racing is heating up with plenty of chances to race in the region all month.

Cat 2/3

1 Garrick Valverde
2 Ben Stover
3 Michael Smith

Cat 3/4

1 310 Michael Allison,3,21,GP VeloTek Shawnee,ks
2 323 Connor Brown,3,17,Bike America Racing Grandview,MO
3 319 Keith Guilford

4/5 Men

1 402 Kevin Shaffer
2 496 Mark Schleihs
3 482 Ethan Luebbe

3/4 Women

1 Rochelle Schleicher
2 Lynn Wilson
3 Erin Shaffer

Full Results

Series Results (coming soon)






Photo Credit: Roger Harrison

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