This week, the MO highway 36 bicycle route was unveiled. The 260 mile route stretches from St. Joseph to Hannibal. Missouri already has six cross-state bike route and this is a welcome addition. Brent Hugh, Executive Director of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation, stated:

Northern Missouri has some amazing potential for bicycle touring. Think about miles of low-traffic roads, beautiful rural vistas, welcoming small towns, and some interesting history. But until now, the region has had no cross-state bicycle touring route identified, mapped, signed, or commonly used. The Missouri Highway 36 Heritage Alliance wants to change that, and has worked with cyclist and author Dave Fiedler to develop a 260-mile bicycle touring route that parallels Highway 36 between St. Joseph and Chillicothe.

There is an amazing amount of history along this 260 mile stretch of road. Some of the nation’s most famous and influential figures were born or lived in towns along this corridor. Walt Disney, Mark Twain, General Pershing, JC Penney, and Jesse James are just a few who left their marks on this area.

For more information about the bike route you can visit MO Bike Fed. You can also contact Beth Carmichael at the St. Joseph Convention and Visitors Bureau at 816-233-6688 or

Head on over to the Missouri Highway 36 Heritage Alliance web site for more information on the history and attractions along Route 36.