MARC is seeking public input to help develop their Regional Bikeway Plan. The plan, to be completed by December 2014, will, “establish a vision for high-priority bikeway and trail investments across the metropolitan area.”

MARC is asking cyclists to visit the WikiMap to highlight their routes, trails, and destinations they use. Cyclists may also add desired routes to the map and indicate places they would like to be able to ride to.

All area cyclists are encouraged to actively take part in this process and help determine where there is a need for improved or additional cycling facilities.

The Regional Bikeway Plan will build on past achievements while ensuring that new investments provide critical links for both on- and off-road bikeway systems. Some of the steering committee’s initial goals for the plan are to expand the MetroGreen system where appropriate; develop a new Regional Bikeway Network map that includes not only current bikeway systems but also greenways and planned expansions of the system; and develop a process for identifying high-priority regional bikeway and trail investments. This planning effort will be coordinated with the current update of Transportation Outlook 2040 — the metropolitan area’s long-range transportation plan — to help clarify regional priority investments and implementation strategies.

The Kansas City Regional Bikeway Plan will focus on four key areas:

1. Evaluating existing bikeway and trail plans, programs and policies

2. Analyzing the bikeway network

3. Identifying regional bikeway and trail network priorities

4. Developing supportive tools and resources


The public has until May 23rd, 2014 to include their voice in the process. For more information about the Mid-America Regional Council and the Bikeway Plan visit MARC.