Saturday’s weather took a turn for the better and the riders that took to the course for Lost Trail CX were met with very mild, albeit windy, conditions. Temperatures hovered around 60 degrees and save for a few areas, the course was nice and dry despite Friday’s rain.

The long course took riders through the fields behind Louisburg Cider Mill, about 30 minutes south of Kansas City. The course was full of tight twists and turns with many off-camber sections to keep everyone on their toes. A few low spots were wet and muddy from the rains and a mid-course hill required riders to climb on their way out, and back, each lap. One barrier was on course but it was optional, riders could ride around a telephone pole that was on the ground or choose to ride over it. Those riders who managed to jump it had a definite advantage over those riding around and were able to gain valuable ground each lap. There were a few open flat sections where riders could open up the throttle to try and gain or makeup some ground between the technical portions of the course.


Plenty of cider was on tap for riders and spectators.

Many riders had trouble with the short steep climb in the center of the course and were brought to grief by the time they reached the top. Some chose to run it, some had to dismount near the top, and some crashed hard as their momentum failed them near the top. Riders with a clear shot and a some speed into the bottom were able to make it over the top with little trouble.

Tomorrow’s race will be held on the same course but in reverse. Incoming rain could easily turn the course into a muddy quagmire. It should make for some fun yet messy conditions. Temperatures should still be in the mid-fifties but if it is wet, it will feel much cooler.

Shadd Smith took and  early lead in the 1/2 race and held the field off for the duration of the race. However, Mark Smelser put in a long grind and slowly closed the gap down to Shadd throughout the final laps of the race, managing to pull within 20 seconds of Shadd by the end of the race. JP Brocket put in a good effort to pull out a third place finish to round out the podium.

Kelly Goodwin to the women’s 1/2 win with Jennifer Herrel-Rhoades and Katherine Kelter taking 2nd and 3rd. [clear]

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