Kent Park race promoter, Michael Edwards, has just sent out word on the possibility of cancelling this year’s race. Please read the information below.

Snow on the ground tonight will cancel the race. With such an early start time it’s hard to cancel before people start traveling to the event. If you see snow on the ground it’s going to be over, I’ll be keeping an eye out and try to cancel as soon as it seems inevitable. It does not look good right now.

Due to Easter, we are a week early this year, and with park rules there will be no rescheduling, entry fee checks will be torn up, unless I hear from you, then I will donate it to the Children’s Center for Therapy. Last time the race was canceled, we still raised over $300 for their social skills program, your donations do count so thank you. Here is the normal break down of your entry fee for those interested in where your money goes.

$15 Entry fee

-$3 to USCF for insurance
-$1 to IBRA
-$1 or less for race permit ($35), website($10) and Numbers/Pins ($40)
$10 per entry to Children’s Center for Therapy.

If you choose to donate your entry fee this year, send me an e-mail, $14 will go to the Children’s Center and some will be saved to pay for next year’s permit.