This weekend brings up the penultimate Spring Fling event for the year as well as the final Perry Road Race. Saturday’s race brings with it a chance of morning rain with roads most likely remaining wet with overcast skies for at least a portion of the late morning and early afternoon races. A small chance of rain remains for most of Saturday so make sure you plan proper clothing and tire choices. Temperatures should be in the 50s for a good portion of the race-day.

Spring Fling Series Results

Sunday’s forecast is looking better for the Perry Road Race. A slight chance of rain overnight should give away to cloudy skies and possible late afternoon sun. Some riders will be looking to maintain their series’ positions while others will be fighting for those last few points to try and move up in the series. Winds should be light and out of the south which is great considering the long trek along the dam that is very exposed when the winds pick up.

Perry Series Results

Photos of each series can be found at Jennifer Piko Photography and from Roger Harrison

Photo: Roger Harrison