FreeWheels for Kids has been doing great things for children in the Kansas City community. Take a moment to read this letter from Bryan Kidney with updates on the program and their goals for the future.  Now is a great time to donate to this worthy cause. Those wishing to donate can do so HERE.

From Bryan Kidney, President of the Board:

In this giving season I’d like to take a moment to explain what we have accomplished with your tax-deductible donations. Four years ago, a small group of volunteers believed in Ben Alexander’s vision of empowering the often overlooked pre-teen and teenage population through bikes. Three years ago this month, we incorporated FreeWheels for Kids as a 501c3 charity and began an amazing group of programs that is making true changes in Kansas City.

group workOur first program was the “Earn a Bike” Class, where kids work on a donated bike, strip it down and repair it and then donate that bike back to a younger kid in their neighborhood thereby earning their own bike to repair. The second program is Let’s Get Rolling, a class teaches fourth graders how to begin the adventure of riding your bike. In the fall we return to the now fifth grade PE classes and teach traffic safety and the responsibility of sharing the roads.

Finally, our pinnacle program that truly embodies our mission of empowering kids through bikes is our Bike Club program. To be a part of this after school program, kids must endeavor to make their community a better place. Each club determines what it takes to make a better community. This past year, one of our clubs successfully lobbied the Unified Government of Kansas City/Wyandotte County for proper sidewalks along the streets they use to get to school. Another club was successful in getting a portion of the Kansas City levy accessible for bikes. And another club created a great cycling map showing others how to safely get across town. Other clubs built trails that allowed them to use their bikes to get to school.

With your help we have truly empowered kids through bikes. Our kids come from all walks of life and demographics representing at least 12 languages and many more cultures. Thank you for all you have given in the past.pedals!

As our impact has grown, you have been there with us, helping us make ends meet even as our staff and students take on bigger and bigger projects. We have quickly gone from an all-volunteer organization to a 2015 budget with two full-time and three part-time staff members and a budget of over $300,000. We plan to repair at least 240 bikes in 2015 with our more than 200 Bike Club students, teach bike safety and help more than 1,400 students arrive safely to school, and introduce at least 300 of our youngest students to the joy of no-training-wheels at community events. Those are big goals, and we need your help to make it happen!

We are making a difference in Kansas City. The kids in our community are amazing and we want to reach our goals in 2015. Would you please consider donating and helping us empower kids through bikes?

We wish you all happy holidays and a safe New Year.